Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Library Science Class Web Portal


Before proceeding to this blog, let me share you something.The development of information and communication technology (ICT) has penetrated the system of instruction in education through out these years. The innovations of web technologies has become the most interesting scene while people keep themselves updated with the converging web 2.0 applications. Setting aside the internet generation, still many people could hardly keep pace with this development. These things are something new to most of them (classical generation) and somewhat "difficult" to understand and worse to apply that would just make them feel embarrassed at most. In some cases, trying to learn things that are not in certain field is considerably an interesting integral part of learning. Thus, without taking any sides of the generation, understanding the concept of the current trends and adopting its positive influence would be a better initiative for an improving generation.

This blog was created to facilitate classes in the Library Science Program of Universidad de Zamboanga. Class' Activities are also incorporated herein. Only students who are officially enrolled in the current semester are authorized to post comments. Programs, seatworks, presentations, documents, and other file attached herein are for free intended for the said subject. Any unauthorized reproduction of the said document without proper permission to the Program Faculty shall not be honored. BLIS Students are obliged to visit this website daily to be updated on the class activities and requirements.